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Here's to 2015....

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Happy New Year everybody! It's taken me a little while to write this blog as I was a little bit off the first few days of the New Year..Over the holidays, we were very busy with work and we were only closed for the two days and New Years Day, so our time with the family was very never seems to be long enough though, does it?? I was sitting on the couch with the gang around me on St Stephens Night, wishing I could slow down time and hold the moment..

As we approached the new year I found myself thinking about the past year and all the events that occurred : On a personal level, I lost someone very special who meant alot to me, and people I love lost loved ones too, and it brought up other losses, which resulted in a lot of long, contemplative walks and some tears..For me, after losing people I love, I look at these holidays differently: my loved ones are always in my thoughts, and while we all had a lovely few weeks and I did make the most of time with the family, there was that little sense of sadness present and the awareness that not everyone was having a wild, old time. 

Health wise it was a testing year and I am so thrilled that so many of my lovely friends are taking steps to get healthy this know who you are girls and boys, our health is our wealth, and how good is it to be physicaly able to get out there and embrace life- so many people can't do it so lets not take it for granted ..And for all of you reading this, who are making big changes to your life: Well done, Go for it and I think you're wonderful!!! This ain't no dress rehearsal peeps!!

Lots of wonderful things happened this year as well and there was lots and lots of laughter- special moments with family and friends; beautiful new arrivals to the world (Is there anything more precious than the smell of a new baby?); amazing fundraising events, showing us what powerful people we are; lots of visitors, keeping our lovely, little town going strong; sunshine, swims, exams..I could go on and on..but suffice to say, we did embrace the good times.

So here in Hehirs, the sale is till ongoing and there are some brilliant bargains to be had. We are making some changes too! We are closing the doors next week for a few weeks, to make some improvements inside and we're soooo excited..We're putting down a new floor, a splash of paint and generally shaking things around inside..we'll keep you posted on Facebook and here as to what's happening and how it's progressing. Our online store is always open though and we've been thrilled with the response to the new website..We'd love your feedback if you have

We're off to Showcase Ireland next week to start our buying for the store- Showcase is one of the best shows we visit as it highlights all things Irish- knitwear, pottery, jewellery, you name it..we love it! It's a four day event and you're going non stop for at least three of them, We buy all our knitwear, scarves, outdoor's an important one as you have to be on the ball, but also very social and very exciting to see the talent that's out there!

Then we're off to Pure in London, which is all fashion orientated..we have all our Spring/Summer buying done since last August/September, but we'll be looking at Autumn/Winter and Brian is on the hunt for more menswear!! 

We'll keep you all updated from both these shows on what to expect to see instore and online..we have lots of new ranges this year due in the next few weeks and we hope you love them as much as we do!

My wish to you all is every good thing for 2015- health and happiness, peace and love- the odd little bit of prosperity wouldn't go astray either! Stay safe, slow down and mind each other..much